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Translation Process & Quality Control

We have a certified 3 step (full TEP) Quality Assurance process.

Project Manager > Translator > Reviser/Editor > Proofreader/QC personnel > Project Manager

From your website to your major marketing promotions and everything in between, we can help you manage the challenges of your language requirements and work with you and your suppliers to ensure continuity in your projects and to provide you with an integrated supplier base.

We specialize in all business/corporate communications such as finance, human resources, marketing and creative adaptation (slogans, new product/concept development, etc.), health & safety, training materials and technical documents. For example, we have extensive experience translating materials such as:

QA flow chart

Slogans • Ads • Websites • Financial reports • MSDS • POS materials • Sales presentations


Sales and training manuals • Technical manuals and specification sheets


Product profiles • Press releases • Contest rules and regulations


Packaging and labelling • Print & TV media • and more!

Projects are assigned on the basis of the translator’s area of expertise. In order to ensure compatibility and continuity of nomenclature and style from one project to the next, one translator is assigned as the Principal Translator/Team Leader for your account. This person oversees all work done on your behalf. The Principal Translator also ensures the terminology for your account is updated for continuity in vocabulary.

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