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Languages & Services

All major languages are supported
TEP – Translation, editing/revision, proofreading
Creative translations (slogans, name creations, etc.)
Proofreading (i.e. final artwork on packaging, brochures)
Back/Reverse translations
Gisting translations – on paper
Sight/Oral translation services in Toronto, Canada – verbal “over-the-phone”
Consecutive interpreting (i.e. conference calls)
1st Draft translation only (no research, revision or proofreading)
File Preparation
DTP/Specialized formatting
Corporate vocabulary/glossary development
Terminology legacy retrievals
Language department consultations
Speech/Script/Presentation coaching
Voiceovers, subtitling, IVR prompts
Bitext or bilingual formatting

...and more! Call 416-248-5648 for details.

Corporate Vocabulary/Glossary Development

We can take your company documents and create for you your own corporate glossary. Everything from annual reports to marketing materials, employee business titles to internal forms, newsletters to product names can be included — it's up to you! Not only will this corporate dictionary help standardize all of your communications, it will allow your company to present a cohesive, consolidated image.



If your in-house department is missing deadlines, or quality is falling, we can recommend solutions in all areas (ie. streamlining, quality control, lexicon development, project management)

Project Planning

If you have an upcoming project and you would like to incorporate the project into your critical path/planning stage, we can help and best of all it’s FREE!


Development of corporate language policies

Speeches/Presentations (Coaching and Translation)

For that extra polish on your speech or presentation, call us! Following requests from clients, we offer "coaching" services for those individuals who may be required to deliver a speech or presentation in Canadian/Quebecois French or Spanish.

We are prepared to work with you until you are comfortable with your speech or presentation.

For those busy executives – fax us a copy of your French or Spanish speech and we can listen to you over the telephone. We can edit a speech if there is a particular word or section you may find difficult or just assist in your pronunciation, pauses, etc.

And, of course, we can translate your speech for you. We will take into account your language proficiency, insert pauses for you, and indicate pronunciation on difficult words. We can also provide you with a recording of the speech which you can listen to while practicing on your own.

Language Industry Vocabulary/Glossary

LSP – Language Services Provider

TEP – Translation, Editing/Revising, Proofreading

Translation is the process of translating written words or text from one language into another: Translation is the art of communicating the meaning of a source-language text into a target language text. A good translation is faithful to the original but is written in the idiom of the language of the translation without the loss of precision and the meaning of the original text or the addition of extraneous text not in the original source document.

Back translation is essentially the reverse translation of a document back to its source language by a different translator or team not previously involved in the project.

MT Machine Translations / PEMT Post-editing of Machine Translation


Machine translation (MT) is a process whereby a computer program analyzes a source text and produces a target text. In reality, however, machine translation typically requires human involvement, in the form of pre-editing and post-editing.

With proper preparation or “pre-editing” of the source text for machine translation, and with “post-editing” of the machine translation by a human certified translator, commercial machine-translation tools can produce useful results for some purposes but are not publishable without human editing.

Bitext / bilingual formatting – alignment of the source text with the translated text.

Sight Translation: It is the oral translation (interpretation) of a written text. It is spoken only.

Gisting Translation: Summarizing a document for the main idea, vital parts, important points or ideas.

Localization or "l10n" is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local “look-and-feel.” When localizing a product, in addition to idiomatic language translation, such details as time zones, money, national holidays, local colour sensitivities, product or service names, gender roles, and geographic examples must all be considered. A successfully localized service or product is one that appears to have been developed "in-country".

Internationalization is the process when a product or service is developed from the start taking localization issues into consideration. For example, by allowing expansion room for text in other languages, writing the original source text in clear simple language and leaving out slang and jargon; avoiding abbreviations; avoiding graphics with text; using a legend that can easily have another language inserted; using diagrams without text; pictures should be generic or country-specific, etc.

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